The Still Point, the Eye of the Hurricane, and Grace

Eye of hurricane Katrina

We share a world that can seem hostile, fearful and downright overwhelming at times. Polarity and a feeling of separation and isolation robs us from our birthright–our innate gift to give and receive love and to be connected to others. We are bombarded by lower, dense energies trying to break our fragile states of peace and equilibrium we so desperately wish to embrace. We can find ourselves drowning in a sea of judgement, distrust, anger, depression and loneliness. Living in the dense world of duality, we ask ourselves how we can transcend the negative pull on our bodies, minds and spirits from all the chaos of the world? How do we detach and set ourselves free from pain and suffering?

I can share with you what has worked for me as I have searched for inner peace and joy in my life. You can take what resonates with you–and hopefully receive a tidbit or two to take with you on your journey forward. For starters, take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. I know you’ve all heard about the power of the breath. Think about it. What a gift our breath is! It grounds us into the NOW moment, reflects our alive-ness, transports us out of our heads (we live too much in our heads, folks!), and brings us down into our hearts where we can experience the higher elevated states of peace, joy and love. As we breathe deeply and purposefully, we share an awareness of the life force that surges through us. We detach from the outer world and connect to our inner worlds.

So, what is the still point? The still point can be compared to the eye of the hurricane. It is the still space in the center of turbulence where everything is calm. To me it’s the focused centered-ness in the vortex of chaos and disruption of collective and/or individual consciousness. The still point is the silence between the notes. If there was no silence between notes, there would be no music–only a cacophony of sound. The Still Point is the empty space between thoughts. It is a separation through grace from the dramas and traumas of life that are happening around us. From a divine perspective, it is the spaceless timeless void where God resides, where love resides within.

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets – At the Still Point of the Turning World – poetically describes the Still Point.

Take some time each day to enter your Still Point by ceasing to DO and learn to simply BE. As you focus your awareness within and detach from everything outside of yourself, you will be free in ways you never imagined!
As you contemplate the grace and beauty of letting go, surrendering and entering the Still Point of your soul, I wish you peace, joy and harmony– Norma

For further understanding of The Still Point, check out Kenji Kumara at

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